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United States
"what do you mean, that's not up to date at all"


I'm not active on tumblr anymore but I still post some of my art there:

Send me a note if you want my Skype or other chat account.
I just finished writing a story that I've been working on on and off since January, about a young superhero who meets some new people after his partner leaves. There's a lot of talking about feelings and no actual fighting. It's mostly just a way for me to develop some ideas and make them into something concrete. But if you want, you can read the whole thing at


Night Crew (2/2)
Fer Nesselar: A joined Zhr from the neutral planet Iroshar. Like most Zhrs, Fer's host and symbiont are synchronized and present a single personality. Fer's antennae are artificially implanted; the symbiont uses them to expand its sensory range, and the goggles help reduce visual overload.
Fer is the president of a 12-person corporation, all of whom live on the Paramaribo after being hired by Shelly to improve and maintain the impulse engines. Fer cares deeply about her employees but doesn't trust other people.

Ens. Jeremy Amundson: A full-blooded Vulcan raised by an adoptive Human family on Earth. Jeremy is comfortable around Humans; he has a flat affect but smiles often. Wearing the combadge bothered him, so he was given permission to carry a communicator in his pocket instead.
Jeremy helps build backup systems for the ship. His proudest accomplishment is a holodeck program that creates an additional mess hall, complete with replicated food.

Lt. C.A. Kelper: Kelper, the ship's head doctor, is a genetically engineered Human-reptilian hybrid, created in violation of Earth law. Since his unusual DNA led to many health problems, he had to become very familiar with his own biology. On the Paramaribo, he often uses the Emergency Medical Hologram as a consultant.

Lt. Mojisola Okowe: Mojisola is Jeremy's immediate superior and a member of the nighttime bridge crew. She has a happy-go-lucky demeanor. She's also a devout Protestant and likes to quote gospel passages. Her husband Mark isn't in Starfleet, but lives on the ship with her.
Night Crew (1/2)
The Paramaribo is a Federation starship tasked with civilian transport. It has a lighter crew complement than most Federation ships, and operates with a combined operations and command division (reflected by its special red and gold uniforms).

Capt. Sheleth (Shelly): The female Kasheeta captain of the Paramaribo. She works hard to earn the crew's trust. She can sometimes come across as being too impersonal or harsh, but she's trying to work on that.
Shelly doesn't want her crew to forget the military nature and inherent risk of serving in Starfleet, which is one reason she picked more militaristic blue-gray uniforms instead of the standard Federation uniform for her ship. The uniforms also combine 23rd and 24th century colors, invoking the history of Starfleet.

Lt. Cmdr. Ashley Rathipal: A human and an old friend of Shelly's from the Academy. Her hometown of Paramaribo, not far from the busy Federation spaceport in Kourou, is the namesake for the ship, where she's the highest-ranking officer on the night crew. She wants to be a model officer and work with a variety of alien species.
Ashley is a talented athlete, especially in the high jump. She's transgender but doesn't want to make any changes to her body.

Cmdr. M'Sam (Sam): A male, unusually short Caitian. He was insipred to join Starfleet by seeing M'Ress serve as an operations officer on the Enterprise under Capt. Kirk, but his talents are in the sciences. He doesn't have any desire to achieve the rank of captain, but he's the first officer on the Paramaribo, and Sheleth's unusual sleep schedule leaves him in command on a regular basis during the day shift.
Slug creatures
These two creatures were found on an alien planet. The planet is full of slug-like creatures like this, but these two are the only ones with human level intelligence. They don't want to talk about it for some reason.


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